Disability Insurance Claim Process: What to Expect

July 13, 2015 admin

What to Expect During the Disability Insurance Claim  Process Since 1 out of every 4 Americans will suffer some sort of disability before reaching retirement age, many people are beginning to see disability insurance is an absolute necessity. Should you become ill or injured and unable to work, a good disability policy will protect you and your […]

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How Much Disability Insurance Do You (Really) Need?

June 17, 2015 admin

Most people don’t think they need disability insurance, but since disability affects a much higher amount of people than most of us would expect (about 1 in 3 people around the age of 30 will experience some sort of disability before the age of 65), disability insurance is one of the most important types ofcoverageto […]

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States

June 10, 2015 admin

Whether you’re constructing a skyscraper or driving a truck across the country, an accident at work is not outside the realm of possibilities. If tragedy strikes, you could be out of work for weeks, months or even years. Getting disability insurance is a smart investment that will supplement your income while you’re recovering from injury. […]

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Why Your Social Security Disability Isn’t Enough

May 27, 2015 admin

Many people mistakenly assume that in the event they were to become disabled and unable to work, their incomes would be protected by Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, the truth is often far different from what people expect. Although there is a disability program in place, there is a long wait for benefits, as well […]

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