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When it comes to purchasing a disability insurance policy, we believe that a consumer, armed with the correct information, will make the right choices. To that end, we have created this Education Center for you to learn more about disability insurance. We’ve broken the information on this website down into the most popular areas with sub-sections for each topic. Just click the links below to go to a subject. To come back just click the Disability Insurance Education Center tab on the navigation bar above.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is a good place to start.

Visit our Glossary of Terms to get disability insurance definitions.

Disability Facts and Statistics

Disability Rights Movement
Leading Causes of Disability
Disability Insurance Statistics
The Top 10 Reasons to Get Disability Insurance
How long do disabilities last on average?
Probability of a disability versus death
What is the likelihood of disability occurring?
Examples of actual disability insurance claims

Disability Insurance Tip Center

About Disability Insurance
Personal Disability Insurance

The Quoting and Purchase Steps

What are the steps to quoting and purchase?

Disability Insurance Comparisons

What are Some of the Provisions in Disability Insurance Policies?

Own Occupation Definition and other definitions of disability
Residual (Partial) Disability
Renewability Provisions
Definition of Total Disability
Elimination Period
Waiver of Premium
Capital Sum Benefit
Rehabilitation Benefit
Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Benefit
Exclusions and Limitations
Optional Benefits

Insurance Company Ratings

Financial Strength Ratings

Disability Insurance for Specific Occupations

Attorney Disability Insurance
Dentist Disability Insurance
Executive Disability Insurance
Physician Disability Insurance
Medical Resident Disability Insurance

How to Insure your Retirement in Case of Disability

Disability Retirement Planning