Disability Insurance for Resident Physicians

Physicians probably make up the largest group of individual disability insurance policy owners today.  As highly trained professionals with higher than average incomes, the loss of income due to illness or injury could be devastating.  For that reason, resident physicians begin to learn about disability insurance early in training.

We appreciate the amount of time that goes into your training and, in our experience, you don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to learning about disability insurance, or other financial planning subjects.  For that reason, we have devoted a section of this Website to medical residents and fellows, so you can learn about this highly-specialized insurance, in whatever spare time you have.

When you are ready to research companies and policies, we can provide you with quotes from the major disability insurance companies that offer high-quality, individual own-occupation disability income policies.  Our quotes are presented in an easy-to-follow side-by-side comparison of important policy features, financial ratings and premiums.  This comparison takes the guess work out of the decision, one that becomes much easier when you are armed with the right information.

As national insurance brokers representing the major companies offering disability insurance, we are not bound to a single company.  Our focus is always on finding the best policy fit for our clients, based on coverage and cost.  We will never push any one company over another and will always present you with all the information you need to choose the right policy for you...without any sales pressure.

We hope you enjoy this website and take advantage of all the information we have put together for you.  To help you get started, here are some links to pages we feel might be of interest to you:

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