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Buying Long Term Disability Insurance on a Budget

November 17, 2017 Richard Reich

The time has arrived for you to take that step towards purchasing a disability insurance policy in order to protect your future earnings.  You’ve done your online research, you’ve solicited quotes from online brokers, now the emails are rolling in offering various options.  Immediately you notice that the average cost of coverage is somewhat unsettling.  […]

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Three Ways to Protect Your Retirement Income

September 25, 2017 Richard Reich

There are three methods to guarantee that in the event you come to be too ill or injured to do your job, your retirement plans are not significantly affected. Many physicians, attorneys, and other professionals have obtained an individual disability insurance policy to protect their income. If they are unable to work in their own-occupation, […]

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The Importance of Disability Buy-Out Insurance

August 26, 2017 Richard Reich

A proper buy-sell agreement should always have provisions that assume the future needs of a small business. Although most buy-sell agreements arrange for the death of a small business owner, many buy-sell documents are quiet when it comes to the disability of a business owner. The truth is that a business owner is a lot […]

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Long-Term Disability Insurance Tips for First-Time Buyers

August 10, 2017 Richard Reich

Long-term disability insurance. For most, this term only comes up when applying for company health benefits when you are a newly-hired employee. You know you need health insurance, and they will typically give you life insurance, but what happens if you become disabled? Long-term disability insurance is, at its foundation, income replacement insurance.  It can […]

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