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Disability Income Insurance 101: Own Occupation

May 23, 2017 Richard Reich

The most important feature of a disability income insurance policy is how the insurer defines “disability.” The most important thing about this critical definition is that it should cover as many scenarios as possible, rather than as few as possible. On the landscape of disability insurance, there are two primary categories of definition: own occupation and any […]

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When to Evaluate Your Disability Insurance Coverage

April 17, 2017 Richard Reich

While many people know it’s important to re-evaluate their life insurance coverage or car insurance coverage from time to time, disability insurance coverage is often overlooked. Should you fall ill or become injured or disabled and unable to work, you’re going to want to make sure you get the most benefit from your coverage. That […]

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Top Reasons to Consider Buying Disability Insurance

March 28, 2017 Richard Reich

It’s interesting to look at what Americans consider most important in their lives. You can get an idea of our priorities when you consider what we insure and what we don’t insure. For example, most people will insure their car, their boat, their RV, and their home without giving it a second thought. It’s obvious […]

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