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Top Ten Reasons to Get Disability Insurance

  1. If you save 10 percent of your income each year, going one year without an income due to disability would eliminate 10 years of savings.
  2. Without an income, you don’t pay your bills and you can lose everything.
  3. Income when you’re disabled, without having disability insurance is zero.
  4. A man has a 43% chance of becoming disabled for a long term (more than 90
    days) during his working years.
  5. There’s a 54% chance of becoming seriously disabled during your working
    years if you’re female.
  6. If you have loved ones, you should have life insurance. However, it’s more likely (4 times more likely for a 42 year old) to become seriously disabled while you’re working than to die during those same years.
  7. The statistics show that about one of seven people from age 35 to 65 will be disabled for five years or longer.
  8. Many people get mortgage insurance, but 46 percent of all foreclosures on
    conventional mortgages are brought about by a disability. Approximately two percent are caused by the death of the homeowner.
  9. A $100,000 income is worth $3,000,000 over 30 years of working.
  10. It’s your life, make sure you can live it, love it and enjoy it – with money – no matter what the circumstances.