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Disability Insurance Companies

We represent the top disability insurance companies specializing in disability insurance with an own-occupation definition of disability.  We believe the financial strength of the insurance company should be a factor in your choice of companies.  The following are the insurance companies we represent and their financial ratings with the major ratings agencies:

Financial Ratings of Disability Insurance Companies

Company A.M. Best S&P Moody’s Fitch Weiss Comdex
Guardian/Berkshire A++ (1) AA+ (2) Aa2 (3) AA+ (2) A (2) 98
MassMutual A++ (1) AA+ (2) Aa2 (3) AA+ (2) A- (3) 98
MetLife A+ (2) AA- (4) Aa3 (4) AA- (4) B- (6) 94
Principal A+ (2) A+ (5) A1 (5) AA- (4) B+ (4) 90
Standard A (3) A+ (5) A2 (6) A (6) B+ (4) 79
Ameritas A (3) A+ (5) N/A N/A B (5) 82
Ratings shown are current as of  July 1, 1015.
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