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Disability Insurance for Physicians

Disability Insurance for Doctors/Physicians

Physicians and dentists are uniquely qualified to understand that an injury or illness can have a HUGE negative impact on income—especially their own., the online source for disability insurance, is a tremendous resource for doctors and physicians considering disability insurance.  The site provides a wealth of information and recommendations including:

  • Details about the financial strength and reputation of companies offering disability insurance.
  • Expertise on leading insurance companies providing specific “own-occupation” language covering a policy holder unable to work in his or her specialty.  Not every company offers this kind of coverage, and for those that do, it’s important to be able to refine the definition to that of the policy holder’s occupation or specialty.
  • An explanation of the “recovery benefit,” covering, at least in part, the loss of income from a shrinking practice that could occur during a period of disability.

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