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Disability Insurance – Important Features

Important Disability Insurance Features

Good disability insurance policies include a number of important features to protect the policy holder.  You’ll find detailed information on these and other policy provisions at

  • Non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable – with a non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable policy, your premiums will never increase, nor will your benefits ever be reduced or eliminated.  And, the insurance company will never cancel your policy, as long as you pay your premiums.
  • Own-occupation definition of total disability– With the own-occupation definition of total disability, you will be considered disabled if, due to illness or injury, you can’t perform the usual and customary duties of your occupation.
  • Partial or residual coverage, providing a percentage of your disability benefit once you go back to work based on the income you’ve lost or continue to lose due to your disability.  This could be hugely important for a professional whose practice has declined while he or she was disabled.

Be sure to explore all your options at… then fill out the easy online form for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote.

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