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Disability Insurance – What is it?

What is Disability Insurance?

Unlike life insurance, which pays your beneficiaries when you die, disability insurance replaces at least a portion of your income when you cannot work due to illness or injury.  Think of it as the way to pay your mortgage or rent, buy groceries, and otherwise provide for yourself and your family while you can’t work.

Some policies cover a short-term disability, protecting you while you recover from illness or injury… while some cover long-term disabilities that won’t permit you to return to work for many months or years.   The best ones are known as “own- occupation” policies, meaning you’re covered if you can’t work at your own occupation, while other, less desirable policies only cover you if you can’t work at all., the online source for disability insurance, is the best way to cut through the confusion… get a FREE no obligation quote… and find your ideal disability insurance package.

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