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Own Occupation Definition of Disability

What is “Own-Occupation Disability Insurance” and Why you Need it?

If you’re a professional or an executive… you need true “own-occupation” disability insurance.  After all, you don’t want your disability insurance to force you to take ANY job just because you can do it.  You want to be covered if you can’t perform the usual and customary duties of your chosen profession or occupation.

That’s what “own-occupation” coverage is all about., your online source for disability insurance, provides a great deal of helpful information regarding own-occupation coverage.  You’ll learn the importance of having a true own-occupation policy, covering both your occupation and your specialty, if you are a physician.  For example, you could be entitled to benefits if you’re a surgeon and your disability makes it impossible to stand at an operating table even though you could still work as a general practice physician.

And provides specific information for business owners and executives, too.

Please… explore the site… then get your FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote just by filling out the short online form.


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