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Why Choose for Disability Insurance?

You may be asking yourself… do I REALLY need disability insurance?  Consider this:  you probably have life insurance, but it’s far more likely that you’ll be disabled than that you’ll die before you reach age 65.

If you’re under 35, chances are one in THREE that you’ll be disabled for at least six months sometime over the course of your career.  By age 42… it’s FOUR times more likely that you’ll become disabled than that you’ll die during your working years.

And the financial impact is huge.  Almost half of all mortgage foreclosures are a result of the family breadwinner being disabled and unable to make the house payment!

If you’re one of the 110 MILLION Americans without long term disability insurance, please… explore your options at, your online source for disability insurance.  And get your FREE, no obligation quote from America’s best disability insurance companies.

Protect your income and your family with the!


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