Celebrate National Cancer Prevention Month by Protecting Your Income

National Cancer Prevention Month was designed to spread awareness about the ways that cancer can be prevented. While many forms of cancer are hereditary, there are still a number of things that the average person can do to diminish their chances of contracting the disease in the first place. The estimates that a third of cases of the most common types of cancer could have been prevented with proper diet and regular exercise, resulting in a staggering 374,000 cases of cancer that never would have existed.

The Price of Cancer

While February is a time to reflect on the ways that cancer can be prevented, National Cancer Prevention Month is also about preparing for the future. With over 1.7 million new cases of cancer reported every year, everyone should be prepared to face the worst-case scenario. Cancer is a debilitating disease that takes an enormous toll on a person’s physical health and their mental well-being. Treating and fighting cancer is a full-time job. Endless tests, medical appointments and scans prevent a patient from maintaining a regular work schedule, if the patient is healthy enough to work at all. Chemotherapy and radiation, the two leading treatments for cancer, can tax a patient further, draining their strength and energy over time with residual effects that can last months after the treatment ends.

In addition to the physical hurdles of fighting cancer, the latest cancer treatments can cost thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. These expenses come on top of the financial consequences of missing work. A patient could be out of work for months, if they ever return to work at all. Without a regular source of income, patients can see a huge loss in savings as they face thousands in medical expenses.

Mitigating the Cost of Cancer with Disability Insurance

Everyone should take the necessary steps to financially protect themselves for the road ahead. A disability insurance policy will protect a percentage of a patient’s income when they become sick and unable to earn a living, or even unable to earn the same level of income they once did. The income protection that own-occupation disability insurance provides will help a patient maintain their current standard of living as they face the arduous process of defeating cancer. A disability insurance policy also helps a patient save for retirement as they remain out of work for an extended period of time. In today’s uncertain economic climate, forgoing an income entirely is not an option for a majority of Americans.

Everyone should celebrate National Cancer Prevention Month by learning about the physical and financial effects of cancer and by taking the necessary steps to protect their financial future. Cancer affects people of all ages regardless of their health status or family history. Get started by comparing disability insurance policy rates. ProtectYourIncome.com offers free quotes on own-occupation disability insurance policies from top-rated companies.