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Financial Strength Ratings for Disability Insurance Companies

In choosing a disability insurance company the first and most important consideration should be insurance company ratings. This concern should come even before one considers pricing and benefits. If the insurance company backing the disability insurance policy is financially incapable of giving you your benefits that were promised, then every other thought that was involved in the initial comparison will have proven to be unimportant.

When you’re rating insurance companies, there are a few steps to follow. Look into your choice of disability insurance by checking price, the wording of definitions of disability and policy design, but it’s a primary step to look into the insurance company ratings – its financial strength.

Rating Insurance Companies Is Important

Research the insurance company’s financial strength rating. There exist independent companies that make insurance rating simpler by grading the financial strength of financial institutions. This is done by a letter grade using an insurance rating system similar to school grades. The insurance rating analysts are independent companies that are paid to evaluate an insurance company’s financial strength.  Below you will find a chart of the different financial ratings from the leading insurance company rating companies. We at can access and review any insurance company’s financial ratings with you.

Insurance Company Comparison

The insurance company comparison graphic includes information on the insurance company rating data from Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best and Company, Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch.


A.M. Best Standard & Poor’s Moody’s Fitch
Rank Financial Strength
1 A++ Secure / Superior AAA Extremely Strong AaaExceptional AAASecure / Highest
2 A+Secure / Superior AA+ Very Strong Aa1, Aa2, Aa3Excellent AA+Secure / Very High
3 ASecure / Excellent AA Very Strong A1, A2, A3Good AA Secure / Very High
4 A-Secure / Excellent AA- Very Strong Baa1, Baa2, Baa3 Adequate AA-Secure / Very High
5 B++Secure / Very Good A+Strong Ba1, Ba2, Ba3 Questionable A+ Secure / High
6 B+Secure / Good A Strong B1, B2, B3Poor A Secure / High
7 BVulnerable / Fair A-Strong CaaVery Poor A- Secure / High
8 B-Vulnerable / Fair BBB+ Good CaExtremely Poor BBB+ Secure / Adequate
9 C++Vulnerable / Marginal BBB Good C Lowest BBB Secure / Adequate
10 C+Vulnerable / Marginal BBB-Good BBB-Secure / Adequate
11 C Vulnerable / Weak BB+Marginal BB+ Uncertain
12 C- Vulnerable / Weak BBMarginal BB Uncertain
13 D Vulnerable / Poor BB- Marginal BB-Uncertain
14 EVulnerable / Under State Supervision B+Weak B+ Possessing Risk
15 FVulnerable / In Liquidation B Weak Bpossessing Risk
16 SRating Suspended B-Weak B- Possessing Risk
17 CCC+ Very Weak CCC Substantial Risk
18 CCC Very Weak DDLiquidating
19 CCC- Very Weak SR Suspended Rating
20 CCExtremely Weak
21 R Regulatory Action
Based on public information only.