You’ve worked hard to earn an executive level position and the corresponding income. While you don’t want to consider the possibility that you could become disabled, it’s a fact that man professionals will experience a disability that leaves them unable to work for a significant period of time during their careers. The best way to protect your income is with a top quality own occupation disability insurance policy.

When you work in a professional occupation that requires a high level of skill, you’re required to perform high level job functions. It’s possible that you could experience a disability that might allow you to continue working in another type of job, but not in your own occupation. However, after working for years to build a successful career, surely you don’t want to be forced to start over in a different, lesser paying occupation, as the result of a disability.

An own occupation disability insurance policy provides you with benefits in the event you become unable to work in your particular occupation. That’s why this type of coverage is superior to other disability policies. Watch carefully to make sure you avoid disability policies that only pay benefits if you’re unable to work in “any” occupation or in “any suitable” position. When you want to protect the income level you’ve worked so hard to achieve, what you need is “own occupation” disability coverage.